Nebraska Highway Scenes

This is a collection of miscellaneous highway photos in Nebraska, most of them in eastern Nebraska.  All photos were taken by the webmaster.

I-129, US 20, and US 75 shields, a little west of the Missouri River crossing.  Photo taken in August, 2000.
Westbound Exit 1B, for northbound US 77.  This is near the west end of I-129.  Note the odd exit gore sign.  Photo taken in August, 2000.
Eastbound on I-80 at the exit to 13th St.  East of 13th St, I-80 drops to 4 lanes (2 per direction).  Photo taken April 30, 2003.
Past 13th St on the south side of I-80 is Omaha's baseball stadium (Rosenblatt Stadium) and zoo.  Photo taken April 30, 2003.
Crossing the Missouri on eastbound I-80 into Iowa.  The first interchange in Iowa is for I-29 North.  Photo taken April 30, 2003.
Northbound US 385, about to enter South Dakota.  Photo taken August 3, 2005.

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