John Glenn Blvd


The 1971 transportation plan called for a completion of John Glenn Blvd, extending it from its present-day terminus at Buckley Rd northward to a planned-but-never-built interchange on NY 481 between Morgan Rd and Henry Clay Blvd.  If built, this would have completed John Glenn Blvd as an at-grade expressway.  The 1971 plan noted that, in addition to completion to NY 481, consideration should be given to upgrading John Glenn Blvd to freeway-grade should traffic warrant.

Fictional NY 348 represents what a freeway-grade John Glenn Blvd might have looked like.  One addition I made to Fictional NY 348 was the addition of direct EZPASS ONLY lanes connecting John Glenn Blvd to I-90/NYS Thruway to/from the west.


The red line on the map below depicts the routing of Fictional NY 348:


Route Log:

Milepost Cross-street or feature Access
0.0 I-690 Interchange
1.1 Onondaga Lake Outlet N/A
1.42 NY 370/Cold Springs Rd Interchange
2.84 CR 57/Oswego Rd  


4.01 Buckley Rd Half-interchange (S)
4.3 Morgan Rd 3/4 interchange
6.25 NY 481 Interchange

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