I-40/I-540/US 70, Garner, NC

In June, 2008, NCDOT opened the Clayton Bypass, a freeway-grade facility for US 70 traffic to bypass heavy congestion in Clayton.  A noted point about the new bypass is that it joins I-40 in the same general area that the proposed I-540 loop is expected to cross I-40.  Below is my idea for how a combined I-40/I-540/US 70 interchange might look.

My goals were to utilize as much of the existing infrastructure (including the Clayton bypass) as possible, minimize weaving, provide semi-directional ramps where appropriate, and keep the interchange footprint as small as feasibly possible.

Here is my idea for what an I-40/I-540/US 70 interchange might look like.  Background imagery is 2006 aerial imagery from NAIP.  Click on the image for a larger graphic (warning, larger graphic is 1.5MB).

My I-540 alignment is a rough estimate, based on existing maps showing the proposed corridor.

This design retains the main connections recently built as part of the Clayton Bypass:  those between US 70 and I-40 West.

Only one weaving area exists:  on eastbound US 70 between the loop from south/westbound I-540 and the loop to north/eastbound I-540.  This weaving area is easily mitigated with a collector-distributor lane that's partially separated from the mainline lanes.

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