Woodbury Line (fantasy transit)

This fantasy line started as my years-ago idea for a line running to the 3M headquarters.  Meanwhile in late 2007, there were some calls by local Woodbury officials for a transit line connecting Woodbury to downtown St. Paul.  I have combined the two into my fantasy Woodbury Line.

Starting at 3rd St/Mounds Blvd, the line follows the north side of I-94, passing underneath Earl St then over Johnson Pkwy and the connection to US 61/10. The line continues along the north side of I-94, passing underneath White Bear Ave and Ruth St, then over McKnight Rd and along the south edge of the 3M campus. Just west of Century Ave, the line turns south and bridges over I-94, then briefly follows the west side of Century Ave to Upper Afton Rd. After bridging over the Century Ave/Upper Afton Rd intersection, the line follows Upper Afton Rd, bridges over I-494, passes along the south side of the Woodbury Plaza Shopping Center, then follows the north side of Valley Creek Rd to the line end just west of Radio Dr.

Stations would be provided at the following:

The following map shows the routing of my fantasy Woodbury LRT line:

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