Interstate Highway 55

National Southern Terminus:

At I-10 near LaPlace, LA

National Northern Terminus:

At US 41 in Chicago, IL

National Distance:

941 miles

States Served:

Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois

Mississippi Southern Terminus:

LA/MS State Line near Osyka, Pike County

Mississippi Northern Terminus:

MS/TN State Line at Memphis, TN, DeSoto County

Mississippi Distance:

290.5 miles

Counties Served:

Pike, Lincoln, Copiah, Hinds, Madison, Yazoo, Holmes, Carroll, Montgomery, Grenada, Yalobusha, Panola, Tate, DeSoto

Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:

McComb, Brookhaven, Jackson, Ridgeland, Madison, Canton, Winona, Grenada, Batesville, Southaven, Horn Lake

Highway Duplexes:

US 98, US 51, I-20, US 49, MS 7

6+ lane segments:

Along I-20 duplex
From I-20 East to I-220 (excluding within I-220 interchange)
From I-220 to Old Agency Rd

MDOT's Vision 21 System:

Low Priority from Terry to Byram
High Priority from Byram to High St/Proposed Airport Pkwy
Low Priority from High St/Proposed Airport Pkwy to MS 25/Lakeland Dr
Medium Priority from I-220 to MS 22 at Canton
Low Priority from MS 4 at Senatobia to Hernando
High Priority from Hernando to the TN Line

Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2004)

Pike County:

15,000 (S of MS 584)
14,000 (N of MS 584)
13,000 (N of Chatawa Rd)
14,000 (N of MS 568)
21,000 (N of MS 48)
24,000 (N of Fernwood Rd)
29,000 (N of US 98 East/MS 24)
27,000 (N of Delaware Ave)
21,000 (N of MS 570)
17,000 (N of US 98 West)

Lincoln County:

16,000 (S of Bogue Chitto Rd)
18,000 (N of Bogue Chitto Rd)
24,000 (N of US 84)
18,000 (N of Brookway Blvd)
20,000 (N of Union St Extd)
19,000 (N of Mt. Zion Rd/Exit 48)

Copiah County:

19,000 (S of Sylvarena Rd/Exit 51)
21,000 (S of MS 28)
24,000 (N of MS 28)
23,000 (N of Gallman Rd)
24,000 (S of MS 27)
31,000 (N of MS 27)

Hinds County
(S of "The Stack"):

31,000 (S of Terry)
32,000 (N of Terry)
36,000 (N of Wynndale Rd)
46,000 (N of Byram)
50,000 (N of Elton)
46,000 (N of Savanna St)
63,000 (N of Daniel Lake Blvd)
65,000 (N of McDowell Rd)
107,000 (W of Gallatin St)
114,000 (E of State St)

Hinds County
(N of "The Stack"):

99,000 (N of I-20 East/US 49 South)
102,000 (N of Pearl St)
147,000 (N of High St)
124,000 (N of Fortification St)
132,000 (N of Woodrow Wilson Dr)
116,000 (N of MS 25/Lakeland Dr)
81,000 (N of Northside Dr)
72,000 (N of Briarwood Dr)
62,000 (N of Beasley Rd)

Madison County:

75,000 (N of County Line Rd)
50,000 (N of I-220)
66,000 (N of Old Agency Rd)
45,000 (N of MS 463)
29,000 (N of Gluckstadt Rd)
29,000 (N of Nissan Dr)
21,000 (N of MS 22)
17,000 (N of MS 16)

Yazoo County:

17,000 (S of Vaughan Rd)
17,000 (N of Vaughan Rd)
17,000 (N of MS 432)

Holmes County:

17,000 (S of MS 17)
15,000 (N of MS 17)
14,000 (N of MS 14)
15,000 (N of Holmes County State Park)
15,000 (M of MS 12)


15,000 (S of MS 35)
15,000 (N of MS 35)
15,000 (N of US 82)

Grenada County:

15,000 (S of Camp McCain Rd/Exit 199)
15,000 (N of Camp McCain Rd/Exit 199)
19,000 (N of MS 8/MS 7 South)
15,000 (N of MS 7 North)

Yalobusha County:

15,000 (S of MS 330)
16,000 (N of MS 330)
15,000 (N of MS 32)

Panola County:

18,000 (S of MS 6)
18,000 (N of MS 6)
23,000 (N of MS 35)
20,000 (N of MS 315)
24,000 (N of MS 310)

Tate County:

24,000 (S of MS 4)
26,000 (N of MS 4)
31,000 (N of MS 306)

DeSoto County:

31,000 (S of Hernando)
41,000 (N of Hernando)
47,000 (N of Nesbit Rd)
47,000 (N of Church Rd)
57,000 (N of MS 302)
67,000 (N of State Line Rd)

Current/Upcoming Projects Listed in the STIP


Location: Type of Work: Funding:


1.8mi N of MS 35 to Panola/Tate Co Line Mill-and-overlay $5 million


Church Rd to MS 302 ROW for 8-lane widening $1.25 million


Pearl St to County Line Rd in Jackson Pavement Overlay $13.1 million


Church Rd to MS 302 8-lane widening $10 million

Froggie's Notes:

- I-55 is the longest Interstate and second-longest highway (behind MS 15) in Mississippi.   Roughly paralleling the Mississippi River, I-55 serves the heart of the Mississippi valley, connecting New Orleans with Memphis, St Louis, and Chicago.
- Significant sections of I-55 were already open by 1963, including near McComb, Crystal Springs to Jackson, and from Batesville north.  Construction continued through the 1960s, and by 1969 the only sections missing were through Jackson and between Canton and Vaiden.  The Jackson segment was finished in 1971, but the Canton to Vaiden segment wasn't opened until 1973.
- In recent years, Mississippi's first Single-Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) was built at MS 463 in Madison.  Not too far to the north, a new cloverleaf interchange was built to serve the new Nissan plant facility just south of Canton.
- Still not showing up on some maps is Exit 199, which was built about 5 years ago to connect to an extended Camp McCain Rd, which travels east from I-55 to Elliott and Camp McCain.
- Another new interchange is being built a little south of Senatobia, presumably for a future MS 4 Senatobia bypass.
- A cloverleaf is under construction just north of Green T Rd in DeSoto County.  Once completed, this interchange will connect with a new alignment MS 304, which to the west of I-55 is designated as Future I-69.  I-69 will follow I-55 north of this interchange into Memphis, while a proposed extension of the new-alignment MS 304 to the east is proposed as I-269 and will connect to the Future I-22 along the Corridor X/US 78 corridor.

Froggie Suggests:

- Add auxiliary lanes between interchanges in McComb and Brookhaven.
- Widen to 6 lanes between MS 27 and I-20 West.  Include auxiliary lanes between interchanges north of Daniel Lake Blvd.
- Widen the I-20/55 duplex to 10 lanes.
- Widen to 8 through lanes plus auxiliary lanes from I-20 East/US 49 South to MS 25, including smoothing out the "Waterworks Curve"
- Construct a full freeway-to-freeway connection at the proposed Airport Parkway (near High St).
- Widen to 6 through lanes through the I-220 interchange, including auxiliary lanes between County Line Rd and I-220.
- Widen to 8 through lanes from I-220 to MS 463.
- Widen to 6 lanes from MS 463 to MS 22.
- Widen to 6 lanes from MS 4 to New MS 304/Future I-69.
- Widen to 8 through lanes plus auxiliary lanes from New MS 304/Future I-69 to the Tennessee line.
- Add a flyover from EB New MS 304 to NB I-55.
- Interchange improvements and ramp additions as needed.

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