Mississippi Highway 1

Northern Terminus:

At US 49 northwest of Lula, Coahoma County

Southern Terminus:

At US 61 in Onward, Sharkey County


155.2 miles

Counties Served:

Sharkey, Issaquena, Washington, Bolivar, Coahoma

Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:


Highway Duplexes:

MS 14

Freeway segments:


Multilane segments:

MS 438 to North Broadway in Greenville.

National Highway System:


MDOT's Vision 21 System:


Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2004)

Sharkey County:


Issaquena County:

320 (E of MS 465)
340 (E of Tallula)
310 (S of Willett Rd)
1,100 (N of Mayersville)
850 (W of MS 14 East)
1,400 (MS 14 to Grace)
2,000 (N of Grace)

Washington County (south of MS 454):

1,300 (Hampton to Marathon)
2,300 (Longwood to MS 12)
2,400 (James to Avon)
3,700 (Avon to Wayside)
9,000 (N of Wayside)
9,300 (S of MS 454)

Washington County (north of MS 454):

9,600 (Wilcox Rd to VFW Rd)
22,000 (N of Bowman Blvd)
23,000 (S of Reed Rd)
23,000 (N of Causey Dr)
20,000 (N of Starling St)
18,000 (N of Alexander St)
15,000 (N of Old Leland Rd)
13,000 (Legion Dr to Theobald St in Greenville)
5,600 (N of North Broadway)
2,600 (N of Barnes Landing Rd)
2,900 (N of Winterville Rd)

Bolivar County:

2,900 (Washington County to MS 450)
1,800 (NE of Scott)
2,000 (NE of Benoit)
1,900 (S of MS 446)
1,500 (N of MS 446)
1,900 (S of Beulah)
1,900 (near Cutoff Rd)
3,200 (S of MS 8)
5,600 (in Rosedale)
1,800 (N of Rosedale)
2,000 (Waxhaw to Gunnison)
910 (N of MS 32)
810 (N of Sandy Ridge Rd)

Coahoma County:

1,500 (NE of Rena Lara)
1,800 (N of MS 322)
1,100 (N of Farrell)
1,900 (S of Dickerson Rd)
2,000 (N of Friars Point Rd)
1,500 (N of Moon Lake Rd)

Current/Upcoming Projects Listed in the STIP

No projects listed.

Froggie's Notes:

- This route runs closer to the Mississippi River than US 61, and there are some good views of the river here and there.
- Some of this road is designated as the Great River Road.
- There is a proposal from the city of Greenville for an Interstate spur off of proposed/future I-69, from near Benoit south to the future US 82 Greenville bypass.  Some of this Interstate spur would be built on top of existing MS 1.  This Interstate spur was also recommended in the I-69 Special Issues Study.  You can read more about this proposed spur here.

Froggie Suggests:

- Decommission between US 61 and Mayersville.
- Remove MS 1 from the MS 1/MS 14 duplex, leaving the existing route as just MS 14.
- Widen to 4 lanes from N. Broadway in Greenville to Metcalfe Rd.
- If the proposed Interstate spur off of I-69 gets built, extend the 4-lane section on MS 1 north to where it would meet the spur.

Terminus/Other Photographs:

No photographs available

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