Mississippi Highway 2

Western Terminus:

At MS 178 east of Hickory Flat, Benton County

Eastern Terminus:

At the MS/TN State Line north of Corinth, MS


~55 miles

Counties Served:

Benton, Tippah, Alcorn

Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:

Ripley, Corinth

Highway Duplexes:

MS 15, MS 4, US 72, US 45

Freeway segments:

Along duplex with US 45

Multilane segments:

Along duplex with US 72

National Highway System:

Along duplexes with US 45 and US 72

MDOT's Vision 21 System:

High Priority along duplex with MS 15

Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2003)

Benton County:

1,300 (MS 178 to Tippah County)

Tippah County:
(Excludes MS 15 and MS 4 duplexes)

1,600 (W of Blue Mountain)
2,400 (in Blue Mountain)
1,400 (near Little Hatchie River)
1,200 (near Alcorn County)

Alcorn County:
(Excludes US 72 and US 45 duplexes)

1,200 (near Hatchie River)
1,900 (SW of Jonestown)
2,900 (Jonestown to Kossuth)
3,200 (E of Kossuth)
4,200 (SW of US 72)
4,200 (US 45 to Old US 45)
4,100 (Old US 45 to Shiloh Rd)
5,900 (Shiloh Rd to MS 350)
2,800 (MS 350 to MS/TN Line)

Current/Upcoming Projects Listed in the STIP

No projects listed.

Froggie's Notes:

- MS 2 was recently realigned to end at MS 178 east of Hickory Flat.  Previously, it ended at MS 5 in Hickory Flat.
- MS 2 can be used as a shortcut between Corinth and Shiloh National Military Park.

Froggie Suggests:

- No suggestions.

Terminus/Other Photographs:

No photographs available

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