Mississippi Highway 3

Northern Terminus #1:

At US 61 near Newport, DeSoto County

Southern Terminus #1:

At US 49 in Tutwiler, Tallahatchie county

Northern Terminus #2:

At US 49W in Sunflower, Sunflower County

Southern Terminus #2:

At US 49W near Inverness, Sunflower County

Northern Terminus #3:

At US 49W near Yazoo City, Yazoo County

Southern Terminus #3:

At US 61 in Redwood, Warren County


~119 miles

Counties Served:

Warren, Yazoo, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, Quitman, Panola, Tate, Tunica, DeSoto

Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:

Yazoo City

Highway Duplexes:

MS 322? (not confirmed), MS 4

Freeway segments:


Multilane segments:

Might be one in the vicinity of Yazoo City.

National Highway System:


MDOT's Vision 21 System:

Passing Lanes along entire length of all three segments.

Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2004)

Warren County:

2,600 (SW of Ballground)
1,800 (W of Eldorado)

Yazoo County:

1,800 (N of Dixie Farm Rd)
1,700 (N of Satartia)
4,300 (S of MS 16/149)
4,200 (MS 16/149 to New US 49W)

Sunflower County:

1,200 (SW of Moorhead)
4,200 (in Moorhead S of Cherry St)
6,500 (in Moorhead between State St and Sunflower St)
5,400 (S of US 82)
1,600 (near the Quiver River)

Tallahatchie County:

1,500 (NE of Tutwiler)

Quitman County:

980 (S of Longstreet)
1,700 (N of MS 322 West)
3,300 (in Lambert S of MS 322 East)
5,100 (in Lambert N of MS 322 East)
5,200 (N of Lambert)
8,400 (S of Marks)
2,800 (N of MS 6)
2,200 (N of Darling)
2,300 (S of Sledge)
2,200 (MS 315 to Panola County)


2,500 (Near Quitman County)
2,700 (S of Crenshaw)
2,300 (N of Buxton)
2,600 (N of Sarah)
3,900 (N of MS 4 East)


2,500 (N of MS 4 West)
2,900 (N of Prichard)
1,300 (S of US 61)

Current/Upcoming Projects Listed in the STIP


Location: Type of Work: Funding:


Yazoo River Cutoff to New US 49W in Yazoo City ROW for 5-lane construction $100,000


Yazoo River Cutoff to New US 49W in Yazoo City Widen to 5-lanes $11.8 million

Froggie's Notes:

- Based on the routing, MS 3 may have been an original route that got supplanted by US 49W.  It may still have an unmarked presence along two segments of US 49W:  Yazoo City to Inverness, and Sunflower to Tutwiler.

Froggie Suggests:

- Widen to 4 lanes between Lambert and Marks.

Terminus/Other Photographs:

No photographs available

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