Mississippi Highway 5

Northern Terminus:

At MS 7 near Michigan City, Benton County

Southern Terminus:

At MS 178 in Hickory Flat, Benton County


29.3 miles

Counties Served:


Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:


Highway Duplexes:

US 72, MS 4

Freeway segments:


Multilane segments:

Along duplex with US 72

National Highway System:

Along duplex with US 72

MDOT's Vision 21 System:


Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2004)

Benton County:

1,000 (N of Hickory Flat)
960 (N of Pine Grove)
1,400 (S of MS 4 East)
1,300 (N of MS 4 East)
1,200 (N of Liberty Rd)
5,600 (Between MS 4 West and MS 370)
3,000 (N of Bright Blvd)
2,100 (S of Maxwell Rd)
1,600 (Between Spring Hill and US 72)
240 (Between US 72 and MS 5)

Current/Upcoming Projects Listed in the STIP

No projects listed.

Froggie's Notes:

- The segment north of US 72 is apparently unsigned, although it exists in various MDOT maps and publications, including the Mississippi Public Roads Selected Statistics book.

Froggie Suggests:

- Decommission the segment between MS 7 and US 72.


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Last Updated:  May 28, 2005

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