Mississippi Highway 7

Northern Terminus:

Mississippi/Tennessee State Line near Michigan City, Benton County

Southern Terminus:

At US 49W in Belzoni, Humphreys County


164.7 miles

Counties Served:

Humphreys, Leflore, Carroll, Grenada, Yalobusha, Lafayette, Marshall, Benton

Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:

Greenwood, Grenada, Oxford, Holly Springs

Highway Duplexes:

US 82, US 49E, MS 8, I-55, MS 315, MS 4, MS 178

Freeway segments:

Along duplex with I-55
Along Oxford Bypass

Multilane segments:

Along duplex with US 82
From MS 32 to MS 315 North (Water Valley bypass)

National Highway System:

Along duplexes with US 82 and I-55

MDOT's Vision 21 System:

High Priority from US 82 near Greenwood to I-55 at Grenada
High Priority from I-55 north of Grenada to MS 9W (excluding Water Valley bypass)
Low Priority from MS 30 to MS/TN State Line

Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2004)

Humphreys County:

6,600 (W of Hayden St in Belzoni)
6,200 (N of First St in Belzoni)
3,400 (N of Harvey St in Belzoni)
1,500 (N of Deovolente Rd)
1,200 (S of Simmons Rd)
1,200 (Near Humphreys/Leflore Co Line)

Leflore County
(South of US 82):

1,200 (near Swiftown)
1,600 (E of Morgan City)
1,600 (S of Quito)
1,800 (N of Quito)
3,200 (near Lake Side St in Itta Bena)
2,900 (Itta Bena to US 82)

Counties (US 82 to I-55):

11,000 (US 82 to Carrollton Ave in Greenwood)
5,300 (S of Crenfree)
3,700 (S of Whaley)
3,700 (NE of Avalon)
3,700 (NE of Leflore)
6,600 (E of Holcomb)
8,000 (W of I-55)

Counties (N of I-55):

2,900 (NE of I-55)
3,700 (near Grenada/Yalobusha Co Line)
3,900 (N of MS 330)
3,000 (SW of Velma)
2,900 (NW of Velma)
5,000 (N of MS 32)
4,100 (Market St to MS 315 North in Water Valley)
3,800 (NE of MS 315 North)

Lafayette County:

4,400 (NE of Springdale)
5,900 (SW of MS 9W)
8,900 (MS 9W to MS 328)
9,200 (Near S Lamar Blvd)
12,000 (S of MS 6 in Oxford)
17,000 (MS 6 to MS 334 in Oxford)
17,000 (MS 334 to MS 30 in Oxford)
6,500 (near Delbridge Ln)
6,000 (S of Abbeville)
3,800 (across Sardis Lake)

Marshall County:

4,400 (SW of Waterford)
4,600 (S of MS 4 West)
5,800 (MS 4 West to US 78)
14,000 (N of US 78 in Holly Springs)
7,800 (On Vandorn Ave in Holly Springs)
9,900 (N of College Ave in Holly Springs)
10,000 (Rust Ave to MS 178 West in Holly Springs)
7,600 (MS 178 West to MS 311 in Holly Springs)
2,200 (SW of Hudsonville)
1,700 (near Marshall/Benton Co Line)

Benton County:

2,400 (N of Lamar)
1,700 (NE of US 72)
2,100 (NE of Michigan City)

Current/Upcoming Projects Listed in the STIP


Location: Type of Work: Funding:


At Old US 49W Intersection improvement $0.4 million


At First Street in Belzoni ROW for intersection improvement $0.5 million


At US 72 ROW for new interchange $0.5 million


MS 8 at Holcomb to near Bew Springs (W of I-55) ROW for 4-lane widening $3.0 million


MS 9W to near MS 30 in Oxford ROW for 4-lane widening/reconstruction $2.0 million


MS 4 West to US 78 ROW for 4-lane widening $1.0 million

Froggie's Notes:

- MS 7 is a moderately-important route through north-central Mississippi.  One of two primary routes to go through Oxford (home of Ole Miss), the route sees a fair amount of traffic, particularly in Lafayette County.  Because of such, MDOT is considering 4-lane upgrades along some stretches, and virtually all of the corridor north of Greenwood was included in Vision 21.
- Except for the lack of paved shoulders and having slightly more intersections than the norm, MS 7 from Coffeeville to Water Valley could be considered a "Super-2 Expressway".
- Some sort of Holly Springs bypass is apparently under construction, running from US 78 west of town to MS 7 north of MS 311, and continuing east towards MS 4 northeast of town.  I don't have any further information on this at present.

Froggie Suggests:

- North of Greenwood into Tennessee would be a good candidate for a new U.S. highway:  US 47.  This new U.S. highway could also utilize US 49E between Yazoo City and Greenwood, thereby eliminating a US route split.  Existing US 49E between Greenwood and Tutwiler could become a rerouted MS 7.
- Expedite 4-lane widening between Holcomb and I-55.
- Expedite 4-lane widening between MS 9W and Oxford.
- Reconstruct the interchange at MS 6 into a cloverleaf or other freeway-to-freeway interchange.  As an interim measure, construct a loop from EB MS 6 to NB MS 7 to reduce a nasty backup/safety situation on the MS 6 EB off-ramp.


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