Mississippi Highway 8

Western Terminus:

At MS 1 in Rosedale, Bolivar County

Eastern Terminus:

At US 278 at Wise Gap, Monroe County


~171 miles

Counties Served:

Bolivar, Sunflower, Leflore, Tallahatchie, Grenada, Calhoun, Chickasaw, Monroe

Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:

Cleveland, Grenada, Aberdeen

Highway Duplexes:

MS 35, MS 7, MS 9, US 45, MS 25

Freeway segments:


Multilane segments:

Through Cleveland
Through Grenada
Along US 45 duplex

National Highway System:

Rosedale to US 61 in Cleveland
Along US 45 duplex

MDOT's Vision 21 System:

Medium Priority from MS 1 to MS 7 South
High Priority along MS 7 duplex
Passing Lanes along MS 9 duplex
High Priority along MS 25 duplex

Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2004)

Bolivar County:

1,500 (E of Rosedale)
2,300 (W of Pace)
3,600 (E of Pace)
8,400 (E of Cedar Rd)
8,400 (E of Bishop Rd in Cleveland)
17,000 (W of Leflore Ave in Cleveland)
10,000 (E of Pearman Rd in Cleveland)
8,600 (near Old Ruleville Rd)
6,200 (near Bolivar/Sunflower Co Line)


6,100 (near Dockery)
5,700 (W of US 49W in Ruleville)
5,000 (E of US 49W in Ruleville)
1,800 (near Quiver River)
1,500 (near L.B. Jones Rd)
1,400 (E of Schlater Rd)
1,400 (US 49E to Leflore/Tallahatchie Co Line)
1,600 (W of Phillip)
1,600 (E of Tippo-Phillip Rd)

Grenada County:

1,600 (near Wolf Lake Rd)
2,600 (NW of Holcomb)
6,600 (E of Holcomb)
8,000 (near Bew Springs)
21,000 (E of I-55 in Grenada)
21,000 (South St to Spring Hill Rd in Grenada)
19,000 (E of Govan St in Grenada)
13,000 (E of US 51 in Grenada)
15,000 (E of Fairground Rd in Grenada)
12,000 (near Batupan Bogue)
3,400 (W of Camp McCain Rd)
2,400 (E of Gore Springs)
1,900 (W of James Rd)

Calhoun County:

1,900 (E of CR 345)
3,600 (N of MS 9 South)
4,100 (N of Bluehouse Rd)
3,900 (S of MS 9 North in Calhoun City)
8,300 (E of MS 9 North in Calhoun City)
6,300 (W of Strong St in Derma)
5,000 (E of Derma)
4,800 (near CR 131)
4,200 (near Calhoun/Chickasaw Co Line)

Chickasaw County:

4,100 (W of Pyland)
5,800 (E of MS 15 in Houston)
8,100 (W of Pontotoc St in Houston)
11,000 (E of Starkville St in Houston)
3,900 (SE of Aberdeen Rd in Houston)
2,100 (near CR 168)
1,900 (E of Trebloc)

Monroe County
(excluding US 45 duplex):

1,900 (W of ALT US 45)
1,300 (E of ALT US 45)
1,100 (W of US 45)
5,900 (US 45 to MS 25 North)
1,300 (near Old Hamilton Rd)

Current/Upcoming Projects Listed in the STIP


Location: Type of Work: Funding:


Cleveland to Ruleville Grading for 4-lane widening $8.225 million


MS 7 South at Holcomb to near Bew Springs (W of I-55) ROW for 4-lane widening $3.0 million


Grenada/Calhoun Co Line to Calhoun City ROW for reconstruction $0.1 million

Froggie's Notes:

- MS 8 is generally a secondary east-west route across the state, being sandwiched between US 82 to the south and MS 6 to the north.  Even so, it still serves as an important connector that stretches nearly the width of the state.  In my opinion, US 278 should have taken this routing instead of being routed further north along MS 6.
- Traffic counts are high enough to where MDOT will soon begin widening between Cleveland and Ruleville.

Froggie Suggests:

- Widen to 4 lanes from Future I-69 (assumed to be about 5 miles west of Cleveland) to Cleveland.
- Expedite widening to 4-lanes between Cleveland and Ruleville.
- Expedite 4-lane widening between Holcomb and I-55.
- Implement access management along the Grenada bypass, to include an interchange at US 51.
- Widen to 4 lanes from Calhoun City to the Natchez Trace Pkwy east of Houston.


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