Mississippi Highway 12

Western Terminus:

At MS 1 south of James, Washington County

Eastern Terminus:

At the Mississippi/Alabama State Line east of Caledonia, Lowndes County


~189 miles

Counties Served:

Washington, Humphreys, Holmes, Attala, Choctaw, Oktibbeha, Lowndes

Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:

Kosciusko, Starkville, Columbus

Highway Duplexes:

US 49W, US 49E, MS 17, US 51, MS 43, MS 19, MS 35, MS 9, US 82, MS 25, US 45, MS 50

Freeway segments:

Along duplex with US 82

Multilane segments:

Along US 49W duplex
Through Kosciusko
From MS 25 through Starkville to US 82
Along MS 50 duplex

National Highway System:

Along US 82 duplex

MDOT's Vision 21 System:

Passing Lanes from US 61 to US 49E
Low Priority along US 49E duplex
Passing Lanes from US 49E to I-55
High Priority from I-55 to Kosciusko
Medium Priority from Kosciusko to near Longview
High Priority from near Longview to Starkville
Passing Lanes from MS 50 to MS/AL State Line

Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2004)

Washington County:

300 (E of MS 1)
640 (E of Riverside Rd)
700 (W of Hollandale)
2,900 (Morgan Ave to East Ave in Hollandale)
3,800 (S of Washington St in Hollandale)
1,000 (E of East Ave in Hollandale)
920 (E of Deer Creek in Hollandale)
1,300 (E of Delta City Rd)

Humphreys County:

1,300 (near Frenchman Rd)
1,300 (W of Easy Money Rd)
1,200 (E of Easy Money Rd)
1,400 (W of US 49W)
7,200 (along US 49W duplex)
3,000 (E of US 49W)
1,900 (W of Pitman Rd)
1,600 (E of Grass Lake)

Holmes County:

1,600 (near Marcella Rd)
3,000 (W of Milestone)
3,300 (SW of Gwin)
1,700 (Gwin to US 49E North)
3,300 (E of US 49E)
2,300 (near Rathell Rd)
4,400 (NW of MS 17)
6,900 (E of MS 17)
3,100 (Near McMillan)
4,300 (E of I-55)
4,600 (W of US 51)
6,200 (Along US 51 duplex)
6,900 (E of US 51)
4,300 (near Big Black River)

Attala County:

3,800 (E of Boyett Rd)
4,000 (W of MS 431)
4,600 (W of MS 43 South)
5,200 (E of Old State Hwy 12)
15,000 (W of MS 19/35 South)
4,600 (E of MS 19/35 South)
4,600 (near Airport Rd)
2,300 (E of Natchez Trace Pkwy)
2,200 (near Ferguson Rd)
1,600 (N of MS 411)

Choctaw County:

2,000 (W of MS 407)
3,800 (E of Fentrees)
3,500 (W of MS 9)
4,200 (E of MS 15)
3,200 (E of Fulcher)

Oktibbeha County
(excluding US 82 duplex)3:

3,200 (near Choctaw/Oktibbeha Co Line)
4,100 (in Sturgis)
4,000 (E of Sturgis)
4,300 (W of Longview)
5,100 (W of Bryan Airport)
23,000 (W of Stark Rd in Starkville)
25,000 (E of Industrial Park Rd in Starkville)
24,000 (E of Whitfield St in Starkville)
25,000 (W of Montgomery Rd in Starkville)
25,000 (E of Spring St in Starkville)
17,000 (N of University Dr in Starkville)

Lowndes County
(excluding US 82 duplex)3:

13,000 (along MS 50 duplex)
4,600 (N of Luxapalila Creek)
4,100 (SW of Caledonia-Steens Rd)
2,700 (W of Sanders Mill Rd)
2,600 (near Duncan Rd)
2,400 (near MS/AL State Line)

Current/Upcoming Projects Listed in the STIP


Location: Type of Work: Funding:


Longview to MS 25 Bypass PE for 4-lane widening $0.2 million

Froggie's Notes:

- MS 12 takes a role of semi-importance across central Mississippi, as it falls between I-20 and US 82.  The section between I-55 and Kosciusko was considered important enough to be included in Phase IV of the 1987 Highway Program, and now a High Priority under MDOT's Vision 21.
- MS 12 has a significant-length duplex with US 82 which, unlike others across the state, is actually signed.
- A recent project rerouted MS 12 on the east side of Columbus.  Where MS 12 previously left US 82 at the Military Rd interchange, MS 12 now continues with US 82 to the MS 50 interchange, has a brief duplex with MS 50, then heads north via a rebuilt Harris Rd and a new bridge across Luxapalila Creek back to old MS 12 northeast of Columbus.  This was done to bypass a substandard and low-height railroad bridge on old MS 12 northeast of US 82.

Froggie Suggests:

- Widen to 4 lanes from Sturgis to Starkville.


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