Mississippi Highway 21

Northern Terminus:

At MS 39/MS 145 in Shuqualak, MS

Southern Terminus:

At MS 35 in Forest, MS


73.5 miles

Counties Served:

Scott, Leake, Newton, Neshoba, Kemper, Noxubee

Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:

Forest, Philadelphia

Highway Duplexes:

MS 15, MS 16, MS 19, MS 39

Freeway segments:


Multilane segments:

Along duplexes with MS 15 and MS 16 in and near Philadelphia.

National Highway System:


MDOT's Vision 21 System:

High Priority along duplexes with MS 15 and MS 16 in/near Philadelphia.

Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2000)

Scott County:

3,500 (near Gum Springs) to 1,900 (near Forest)

Leake/Newton Counties:


Neshoba County (southwest of MS 15):

3,000 (near MS 15) to 1,000 (south of Fairview)

Neshoba County (northeast of MS 16):

8,600 (on Pecan Ave in Philadelphia) to 1,400 (near Kemper County)

Kemper County:

1,000 (near Neshoba County) to 660 (near Noxubee County)

Noxubee County:

1,900 (along MS 39 duplex in Shuqualak) to 670 (near Kemper County)

Froggie's Notes:

MS 21 used to extend further south into Forest, and end at US 80.  It was realigned to end at MS 35 on the north end of town.

Froggie Suggests:

- Realign onto and replace MS 485 southwest of Philadelphia.  The old route can be turned back to Neshoba County.
- Either extend it to US 45, terminate it where it junctions with MS 39, or terminate MS 39 at that same junction.


Southern Terminus

MS 21's southern terminus at MS 35 in Forest.  MS 21 was relocated here in recent years, formerly ending at US 80.  Photo by Adam Froehlig.

Northern Terminus


MS 21 ends in Shuqualak, where MS 39 intersects MS 145, and about 1/8 mile short of US 45.  This is the viewpoint from northbound MS 145.  Photo by Adam Froehlig.


The view as seen from the northbound MS 21/MS 39 duplex.  MS 21 and MS 39 are duplexed together for roughly 4 miles, with MS 21 terminating here at MS 145, while MS 39 continues another 800 feet or so to US 45.  Photo by Ed Wilson, taken February, 2002.


Looking in the other direction from the above photograph.  This view shows the first southbound MS 21 reassurance shield.  Photo by Ed Wilson, taken February, 2002.

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Last Updated:  January 19, 2003

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