Hidden Mississippi Highway 917

Southern Terminus:

At MS 18 in Sylvarena, Smith County

Northern Terminus:

At MS 18 in Sylvarena, Smith County


0.45 miles

Counties Served:


Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:


Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2004)

Smith County:

Not Available

Froggie's Notes:

- This route, known as the Sylvarena Loop, is a short locally maintained route through the hamlet of Sylvarena in eastern Smith County.
- It's possible that this route may have been a former routing of MS 18, long ago.

Froggie Suggests:

- Decommission it and turn it back to the county.


2004 Aerial Photos

All aerial photos are pulled from aerial imagery provided by the National Agriculture Imagery Program, via the Mississippi Automated Resource Information System.

This image shows the hamlet of Sylvarena, along MS 18.  The yellow line in the enlarged image shows the path of MS 917.

Other Photos

No photographs available.

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Last Updated:  February 10, 2006

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