Hidden Mississippi Highways 930 and 932

Western Terminus:

At Franklin St/Melrose Ave in Natchez, Adams County

Eastern Terminus:

At US 61/US 84 and MS 555 in Natchez, Adams County


2.845 miles

Counties Served:


Cities/Towns Over 5,000 Population:


Average Annual Daily Traffic Ranges (2004)

Adams County:

Not Available

Froggie's Notes:

- Runs along Devereux Dr.  Is partially signed in the field as BUSINESS US 61/BUSINESS US 84, and in fact used to be a former routing of US 61 and US 84.
- This is an odd situation where you have two different hidden routes for what appears to be the same stretch of roadway.  I have two theories as to why.  First, each hidden designation may correspond to one of the two BUSINESS routes along the segment.  The other theory is because Devereux Dr splits into a pair of one-way streets along St. Catherine St and Franklin St before you hit the west end of "MS 930/MS 932".
- The 2004 Selected Statistics book listed MS 930/932 as being "locally maintained", which I believe is in error as the 2000 book called it "state maintained" and I clearly saw a "Begin State Maintenance" sign along eastbound Franklin St at the western terminus, during a late 2005 roadtrip.
- The mileage listed in the 2004 Selected Statistics book also seems to be in error, as it's barely 1 1/4 miles between the terminus points.  The only way the 2004 figure MIGHT be valid is if it refers to the entire length of BUSINESS US 61/84 that isn't otherwise part of the hidden MS 925.

Froggie Suggests:

- Decommission it and turn it back to the city.


2004 Aerial Photos

All aerial photos are pulled from aerial imagery provided by the National Agriculture Imagery Program, via the Mississippi Automated Resource Information System.

This aerial shows the western terminus of MS 930/MS 932, with the eastbound side beginning at the 5-leg intersection in the middle of the image.  You can see where Devereux Dr comes in from the east and splits into the one-way St Catherine/Franklin pair.

Eastern end of MS 930/MS 932.  US 61/US 84 comes in from the south and continues to the east.  This intersection is also the southern terminus of MS 555.

Other Photos

No photographs available.

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