DISCLAIMER:  While the information on these pages has largely been provided by the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), it does NOT constitute an endorsement by either that department or the state of Mississippi.  I have done my best to give the most accurate information on these pages, but the accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed.

The Highways and Byways of Mississippi and other locales

This page started as the Highways and Byways of Lauderdale County, MS, reflecting the county and the area around which I'm stationed.  I started this page after seeing the hordes of other highway webpages out there, and also noting the lack of Mississippi highway webpages.  As time moved on, I started to improve and add upon my original pages, to the point of covering highways statewide.   Mississippi is called "the Magnolia state", so I figured the name was apt.

This page, like most highways in the U.S., is perpetually under construction.  If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to E-mail me.

Many information sources went into putting this page together, including field experience. I would especially like to thank the folks at MDOT, especially those whom I have talked to over the past 3 years (you know who you are).  Your assistance has greatly contributed to my being able to maintain this page.

For a "rough" current status of what I have available, click on Background Info, or look up the Site Index (under construction/partially completed).

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Significant 3XX highways in Mississippi

Lauderdale County Highways

Meridian Major Street Plan

Sunflower Rantings

Greenville Connector Route (I-169)

MDOT Funding Idea

A Transportation Vision for the Mississippi Gulf Coast

The 1976-proposed Laurel Bypass

Highway Heaven

Freeways of the Deep South

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A suggestion for a revised National Highway System

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Definitions of Common Acronyms used on these pages

Counting Counties (Froggie's county collection)

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Ramp Meters in the U.S.

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Froggie's "Top 5 Road Projects" (by state)

The "Louisiana Shuffle"

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Thoughts on Syracuse (NY)

Yellow Book Scans

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