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Starting Point:  At US 49 in southern Forrest County
Ending Point:  At MS 25 southwest of Carthage, Leake County
Total Distance (official MDOT):  151.818 miles

Counties:  Forrest, Pearl River, Lamar, Marion, Jefferson Davis, Simpson, Rankin, Smith, Scott, Leake
Cities/towns over 5,000 pop served:  Columbia

2.2 miles with US 98 near Columbia
4.4 miles with MS 35 near Columbia
1.8 miles with US 84 in Prentiss
0.7 mile with MS 481 in Morton

NHS:  Along duplexes with US 84 and US 98

Freeway Segments:  None

Other Multilane Segments:  Along duplex with US 98

Average Daily Traffic (1999):
     Forrest County:  1,200 (average)
     Pearl River County:  1,800 (near Elder) to 3,500 (west of I-59)
     Lamar County:  1,000 (southeast of Baxterville) to 4,000 (east of Lumberton)
     Marion County (excluding US 98 duplex):   1,200 (east of MS 43) to 7,900 (south of US 98) to 2,700 (near Jefferson Davis County)
     Jefferson Davis County:  2,300 (north of MS 43) to 5,000 (US 84 duplex) to 1,800 (near Simpson County)
     Simpson County:  1,800 (south of Boggan) to 5,600 (south of US 49) to 1,900 (near Rankin County)
     Rankin County:  1,100 (near Smith County) to 2,500 (south of Puckett)
     Smith County:  1,100 (near Daniel) to 1,400 (north of Polkville)
     Scott County:  1,400 (near Smith County) to 4,400 (north of I-20) to 750 (south of Contrell)
     Leake County:   Ranges from 730 in northern Scott County to 14,000 along US 98 duplex

This is pretty much a quiet route.  There's a very interesting curvy section between MS 18 and I-20.

What I'd Do:
Keep it routed THROUGH Columbia, instead of around.
Redesignate east of Lumbertown as MS 48 once that route is extended to Lumbertown.
4-lane from Lampton to MS 35 north of Columbia and from I-20 to US 80 in Morton.

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