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Starting Point #1:  In Mayersville, Issaquena County
Ending Point #1:  At US 49W near Louise, Humphreys County
Starting Point #2:  In Ebenezer, Holmes County
Ending Point #2:  Mississippi-Alabama line east of Macon, Noxubee County
Total Distance:  135.8 miles

Counties:  Issaquena, Sharkey, Humphreys, Holmes, Attala, Winston, Noxubee
Cities/towns over 5,000 pop served:  Kosciusko, Louisville

6.0 miles with MS 1 in Issaquena County
5.5 miles with US 61 from Rolling Fork to Anguilla
0.5 mile with MS 17 in Holmes County
4.0 miles with MS 43 in Attala County
1.1 miles with MS 35 in Kosciusko
7.7 miles with MS 19 in Attala County
0.4 mile with MS 145 in Macon

NHS:  Along duplex with US 61

Freeway Segments:  None

Other Multilane Segments:  None

Average Daily Traffic (1999):
     Issaquena County:  740 (west of MS 1) to 1,600 (near Sharkey County)
     Sharkey County:  1,900 (west of Rolling Fork) to 5,300 (US 61 duplex in Rolling Fork) to 1,400 (near Humphreys County)
     Humphreys County:  1,400
     Holmes County:  420 (east of Ebenezer) to 2,200 (duplex with MS 17)
     Attala County:  970 (west of MS 43) to 6,400 (MS 19/35 triplex) to 590 (near Winston County)
     Winston County:  590 (near Attala County) to 7,800 (east Louisville) to 1,100 (near Noxubee County)
     Noxubee County:  1,100 (west of Mashulaville) to 3,500 (in Macon) to 680 (near AL state line)

The break in this route is noticible.  I'm not sure why there is that break.
As part of the Kosciusko bypass project, MS 14 will be rerouted onto part of it, and will no longer go through Kosciusko.

What I'd Do:
I'd get rid of that gap simply by getting rid of everything west of MS 17.   The duplex with MS 1 would be gone.  Exitsting MS 14 between MS 1 and Rolling Fork would become a reroute of MS 16, while the section between US 61 and US 49W would become MS 437.  Between Ebenezer and MS 17 would become an extension of MS 433.
I'd also either 4-lane or otherwise improve MS 14 through Louisville.

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