Location (Clarke/Lauderdale Counties): US 45 near Clarke County State Park to I-20/I-59 in Meridian, MS
Mileage in Clarke County:  About 10 miles
Mileage in Lauderdale County:
  About 9.5 miles

Location (Noxubee County): Old US 45 through Shuqualak and through Macon
Mileage in Noxubee County:  About 10.5 miles

Location (Monroe County): Old US 45 through Nettleton
Mileage in Monroe County:  About 3 miles

Location (Lee/Prentiss Counties): US 45/Alt US 45 near Shannon to US 45 north of Booneville
Mileage in Lee County:  About 28.4 miles
Mileage in Prentiss County:  About 16.8 miles

Location (Alcorn County): Old US 45 from south Corinth to the Tennessee line
Mileage in Alcorn County:  About 7 miles

Total Distance: Officially, 77.619 miles of MS 145 exist in Mississippi, although this doesn't include roughly 10 miles that were added in late July, 1999.

Multiplexes: None

NHS: None

Freeway Segments: None

Other Multilane Segments:
Short 4-lane divided section south of I-20/I-59
Truck lane heading southbound up a hill out of Meridian
Through Tupelo and Booneville

Interchanges: None

MS 145 is the designation used by MDOT for those sections of the old US 45 roadbed that the state still wants to maintain. To my knowledge, there are four such sections in Mississippi, although I haven't been able to determine where about 2 miles worth is located.
The newest section of MS 145 to be redesignated from old US 45 is between Clarke County State Park and the Clarke/Lauderdale County line.  This was done in late July, when US 45 through the area moved to a new 4-lane alignment.

There have been bills in recent years in the state legislature for MDOT to take over a section of Old US 45 in Meridian and Marion, between MS 39 and the US 45 bypass.   Though these bills never made it out of committee, I believe it's only a matter of time before the state forces MDOT to take the section over.  If that happens, it's likely that it will become another section of MS 145, adding roughly 4.5 miles to MS 145's total length.

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