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Starting Point #1:  At MS 1 in Grace, Sharkey County
Ending Point #1:  At the Little Sunflower River southeast of Rolling Fork, Sharkey County
Starting Point #2:  In Holly Bluff, Yazoo County
Ending Point #2:  At US 49W south of Louise, Humphreys County
Starting Point #3:  At US 49 in Yazoo City, Yazoo County
Ending Point #3:  Mississippi-Alabama line east of Scooba, Kemper County
Total Distance:  156.7 miles

Counties:  Issaquena, Sharkey, Yazoo, Humphreys, Madison, Leake, Neshoba, Kemper
Cities/towns over 5,000 pop served:  Yazoo City, Canton, Carthage, Philadelphia

1.3 miles with US 51 in Canton
2.5 miles with MS 21 in/near Philadelphia
0.9 mile with MS 15 near Philadelphia
1.8 miles with MS 19 in Philadelphia

NHS:  None

Freeway Segments:  None

Other Multilane Segments: 
Through Carthage
>From MS 15 South to east side of Philadelphia

Average Daily Traffic (1999):
     Issaquena County:  680
     Sharkey County:  670 (east of US 61) to 790 (north of Rolling Fork)
     Yazoo County (west of US 49W):  580 (near Potosi) to 620 (near Holly Bluff)
     Humphreys County:  580
     Yazoo County (east of Yazoo City):  4,400 (east of US 49) to 4,900 (west of Benton bypass) to 1,600 (near Berryville) to 2,200 (near Madison County)
     Madison County:  2,200 (near Yazoo County) to 13,000 (west of MS 43) to 2,600 (near Leake County)
     Leake County:  2,600 (west of Natchez Trace) to 12,000 (east of MS 35) to 4,400 (west of Edinburg)
     Neshoba County:  5,000 (near Leake County) to 16,000 (east of Silverstar Casino)  to 3,400 (east of MS 491)
     Kemper County:  2,400 (west of MS 495) to 6,100 (west of MS 39) to 1,900 (west of Scooba) to 3,900 (east of US 45) to 1,600 (near AL state line)

Another 2di state route that has major breaks in it.
Parts of this route are on the Gaming Roads program, mostly between Carthage and Philadelphia.
There's been discussion lately of a northern Canton bypass.

What I'd Do:
Bridge the gap between the first two sections by routing it along the relevant Sharkey County road (which, incidentally, is a direct route between the two sections anyway).  The other gap can be filled by replacing US 49W with MS 16, once US 49W moves to its new 4-lane alignment.
I'd 4-lane it between MS 25 near Carthage and MS 482 east of Philadelphia.  This would include a freeway bypass of Philadelphia.

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