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Starting Point #1:  In Grand Gulf, Claiborne County
Ending Point #1:  At US 80 in Jackson, Hinds County
Starting Point #2:  At US 80 in Brandon, Rankin County
Ending Point #2:  Mississippi-Alabama line east of Quitman, Clarke County
Total Distance:  174.6 miles

Counties:  Claiborne, Copiah, Hinds, Rankin, Smith, Jasper, Clarke
Cities/towns over 5,000 pop served:  Jackson, Brandon

1.4 miles with MS 27 in Utica
0.1 mile with MS 503 in Jasper County
3 miles with MS 512 in and near Pachuta
2.2 miles with US 45 in and near Quitman

NHS:  Along duplex with US 45

Freeway Segments:  None

Other Multilane Segments:  From just west of Raymond to US 80

Average Daily Traffic (1999):
     Claiborne County:  3,700 (east of US 61) to 1,400 (northeast of Hermanville)
     Copiah County:  1,800 (average)
     Hinds County:  2,600 (near Copiah County) to 6,400 (MS 27 duplex in Utica) to 4,800 (northeast of Lebanon) to 13,000 (east of Raymond) to 28,000 (west of US 80)
     Rankin County:  11,000 (in Brandon) to 2,900 (southeast of Puckett)
     Smith County:  2,300 (east of MS 541) to 6,000 (in Raleigh) to 2,900 (near Jasper County)
     Jasper County:  6,100 (in Bay Springs) to 760 (west of MS 503) to 830 (east of MS 513)
     Clarke County:  1,100 (west of I-59) to 2,400 (east of US 11) to 1,000 (southeast of MS 512) to 7,400 (US 45 duplex in Quitman) to 350 (near AL state line)

Interesting route that has two seperate sections, both using US 80 through the Jackson area as the connector.  Recently realigned in Raleigh, which eliminated the double turn and short duplex with MS 35.

What I'd Do:
Designate MS 18 along US 80, to fill in the gap.
Build a 4-lane southern bypass of Brandon (already on the books), and reroute MS 18 onto it.
4-lane it from Utica to Raymond and 6-lane for the first 3 or so miles west of I-20.
Also 4-lane from Brandon to Puckett.
Swap MS 512 and MS 18 between Pachuta and Quitman.

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