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Starting Point:  In Fort Adams, Wilkinson County
Ending Point:  At I-55/US 98 in McComb, Pike County
Total Distance:  76.3 miles

Counties:  Wilkinson, Amite, Pike
Cities/towns over 5,000 pop served:  McComb

10.3 miles with MS 33 from Centreville to Gloster
     18.5 miles with MS 48 from Liberty to just west of McComb

NHS:  None

Freeway Segments:  None

Other Multilane Segments:  None

Average Daily Traffic (1999): 
     Wilkinson County:  180 (near Fort Adams) to 6,300 (in Woodville) to 3,000 (east of US 61) to 4,100 (MS 33 duplex)
     Amite County:  5,200 (in Centreville) to 3,600 (north of MS 48) to 5,600 (in Gloster) to 2,300 (east of Gloster) to 8,500 (in Liberty) to 4,900 (east of Liberty) to 6,800 (east of McElveen)
     Pike County:  6,800 (average)

The combined MS 24/48 corridor between Woodville and McComb is part of Phase IV of the 1987 Highway Program, which covers much of this route.

What I'd Do:
4-lane it between US 61 and Centreville, then between Liberty and I-55, with a bypass of Liberty.  Centreville to Gloster could be a "super-2" candidate.

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