Starting Point: At US 90 in Pascagoula, Jackson County
Ending Point:  At MS 198 in Lucedale, George County
Official Distance (MDOT): 45.574 miles

Counties:  Jackson, George
Cities/towns over 5,000 pop served:  Pascagoula, Moss Point

Multiplexes: None

NHS: None

Freeway Segments: None

Other Multilane Segments:  Some 4-lane in Pascagoula.

Average Daily Traffic (1998):  Ranges from 1,700 at the Jackson/George County line to 5,200 near MS 198 to 22,000 south of I-10.

Notes:  An interesting route that starts west of MS 63, crosses MS 63, then ends near MS 63 again.  It used to end AT MS 63 in Lucedale, but was realigned in 1998 to end at MS 198.

What I'd Do:  Nothing at present

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