National Starting Point:  At US 90 near the hamlet of Venetian Isles, in greater New Orleans, LA
National Ending Point:  New York/Quebec border near Rouses Point, NY
Total Distance:  1,645 miles
States:  LA, MS, AL, GA, TN, VA, WV, MD, PA, NY

Mississippi Starting Point:  Louisiana border near Nicholson, MS
Mississippi Ending Point:  Alabama border near Kewanee, MS
Mississippi Distance:  148.773 miles

Mississippi Counties:  Pearl River, Lamar, Forrest, Jones, Jasper, Clarke, Lauderdale
Cities/towns over 5,000 pop served:
  Picayune, Hattiesburg, Petal, Laurel, Meridian

0.7 mile with I-59 near Picayune
0.2 mile with MS 589 in Purvis
0.9 mile with MS 42 in Hattiesburg and Petal
0.4 mile with MS 513 in Enterprise
4.2 miles with I-20/I-59 in Meridian
21.8 miles with US 80 from Meridian east to the Alabama line
4.2 miles with MS 19 in Meridian
0.1 miles with MS 39 in Meridian (effectively the distance from the freeway exit to the frontage road)

NHS: Along interstate multiplexes

Freeway Segments: Along interstate multiplexes

Other Multilane Segments: 
>From I-59 to downtown Hattiesburg
Short section in Laurel
>From Meridian Regional Airport to I-20/59

Average Daily Traffic (1999):
     Pearl River County (excluding I-59 duplex):   6,300 (near I-59) to 8,700 (north of MS 43) to 1,900 (near Derby) to 5,100 (in Poplarville) to 1,300 (near Lamar County)
     Lamar County:  1,300 (near Pearl River County) to 5,000 (in Lumberton) to 2,800 (south of Harmon) to 10,000 (in Purvis) to 5,000 (north of Purvis)
     Forrest County:  5,800 (near Lamar County) to 15,000 (north of US 49) to 6,000 (south of MS 42) to 19,000 (MS 42 duplex) to 5,100 (near Jones County)
     Jones County:  4,000 (north of Eastabuchie) to 4,200 (north of Moselle) to 2,800 (south of MS 590) to 7,900 (north of Ellisville) to 4,900 (between I-59 interchanges) to 9,200 (south Laurel) to 3,300 (north Laurel) to 5,300 (near Errata) to 2,400 (near Jasper County)
     Jasper County:  1,200 (near Clarke County) to 2,400 (near Jones County)
     Clarke County:  1,200 (north of Barnett) to 810 (south of Wautubbee) to 2,000 (near Lauderdale County)
     Lauderdale County (south of Meridian):   3,100 (near Savoy) to 6,400 (near Meridian Airport/Key Field)
     Lauderdale County (east of Meridian):   4,300 (near 23rd Ave) to 1,200 (east of Toomsuba) to 2,700 (near AL state line)

The construction of I-59 has pretty much usurped the value this route had.  In other states, most of this route would be a candidate for turnback, but Mississippi is not a state that does that.

Construction Notes:
An overlay is being done between the Clarke/Lauderdale County line and Meehan-Savoy Road south of Meridian.

What I'd Do:
From Purvis to Laurel would be a good candidate for access management and spot widenings.

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