National Starting Point:  At I-30 in Mesquite, TX
National Ending Point:  Chatham Ave, in Tybee Island, GA...effectively right on the Atlantic. The part of Tybee Island it ends in is also known as Savannah Beach.
Total Distance:  1,032 miles
States:  TX, LA, MS, AL, GA

Mississippi Starting Point:  Louisiana border at Vicksburg, MS
Mississippi Ending Point:  Alabama border near Kewanee, MS
Mississippi Distance:  121.204 miles

Mississippi Counties:  Warren, Hinds, Rankin, Scott, Newton, Lauderdale
Cities/towns over 5,000 pop served:  Vicksburg,  Clinton, Jackson, Pearl, Brandon, Forest, Meridian

35.3 miles with I-20 from the Louisiana border to Clinton
4.3 miles with US 61 in Vicksburg
7.5 miles with I-20 in Lauderdale County and Meridian
6.1 miles with I-59 in Meridian
21.8 miles with US 11 from Meridian east to the Alabama line
4.2 miles with MS 19 in Meridian
0.1 mile with MS 39 in Meridian

NHS:  Along interstate multiplexes

Freeway Segments:  Along interstate multiplexes

Other Multilane Segments:  From Clinton, through Jackson, to Brandon

Average Daily Traffic (excluding Interstate multiplexes): Ranges from 1,200 near the Alabama line to 27,000 in Pearl and west Brandon.

Parallels I-20 during its route through Mississippi.  Also has two duplexes with I-20, including a fairly significant stretch through Warren and western Hinds Counties.   Much of the old roadway has become the frontage road between Edwards and Clinton.
A 4-lane section bypassing the main part of Meridian to the south was in-place as early as 1957. This included a folded diamond interchange (with VERY tight ramps) at US 11 South/MS 19 North and a cloverleaf at old US 45 South/22nd Ave (present day MS 145 South).  Most of this bypass was later upgraded into today's I-20/59 through Meridian.

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