U.S. Highway 60

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

At I-10 near Quartzsite, AZ

Near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront**

** - Previously going to Camp Pendleton, US 60 was truncated back to Rudee Inlet in the early 1960s.  At one point there was an END sign at the south end of the bridge over Rudee Inlet (connecting General Booth Blvd to the south with Pacific Ave to the north).  This END sign disappeared for years, until early August, 2004 when the sign was finally replaced, as seen below.

Western Terminus

No photographs available.

Eastern Terminus

This is looking southbound at the intersection of Pacific Ave (to the north/behind me), General Booth Blvd (to the south, ahead of me), Rudee Point Rd (to the left), and Harbour Point Rd (to the right).  The Rudee Inlet bridge is just behind me.  Unsigned for years, this END sign was finally replaced in early August, 2004.  Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken August 16, 2004.

It didn't look much different prior to the END shield being added, as seen in this photo.  Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken February 23, 2003.

Here's the view from Rudee Point Rd.  US 60 West begins to the right.  Photo by Adam Froehlig, taken February 23, 2003.

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Last Updated:  August 18, 2004

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