San Diego area highway photos

My first trip to San Diego was during a port visit by the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), a ship I was temporary duty to at the time, in October, 2007.  The following photo pages detail the road-related photographs I took during the 3.5 days I had available inport.

As a side note, in several of the photos, you may see "clouds".  But what looks like cloud was actually smoke from the massive wildfires that burned much of San Diego County during the timeframe I was there.  More on the wildfires, including some impressive satellite images, is on NASA's webpage.

Interstate 5

Interstate 8

Interstate 15/California Highway 15

Interstate 805

California Highway 52

California Highway 75

California Highway 163

Former California Highway 209

1st Avenue in downtown San Diego

Harbor Drive in San Diego

Pacific Highway in San Diego

Miscellaneous San Diego road photos


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